A unique finely grained mineral flat paint with subtle colour variation and no streaking

Gorgeous flat colour straight from the tin - that's the beauty of Murowash. From delicate shades to bold brights, Murowash suits every room and every style of architecture. Murowash offers a finely grained, streak free flat finish with subtle colour variations. This incredibly versatile paint can be used both internally and externally and boasts not just great looks, but a long lasting finish.

Features + Benefits

  • Mineral flat finish provides excellent hiding power on imperfect surfaces
  • Subtle colour movement on stronger colours with a grained texture
  • Does not discolour when wet
  • Supplied ready to use – reduced risk of error in application
  • Life span: 7 – 10 years
  • Pale colours can be touched up
  • Non-toxic
  • Primer and two finish coat system
  • Can be combined with a Murolast membrane for a waterproof system
  • Murowash is ideal for creating a soft flat finish unlike conventional paints.
  • Ease of use means large projects and contractors unfamiliar with special paints can be successfully won over.