Natural Paint

Natural Flat is a natural, breathable water based interior paint, formulated without petrochemicals.

Technical Features

Matt opaque paint for interior walls and ceilings. Natural Flat shows good film integrity and adhesion
preventing peeling. We recommend colouring with Murobond Natural Earth Pigments, although universal colourants may be used.

Biological-Environmental Features

The product uses only renewable raw materials. The components can be recycled and are bio-degradable. No petrochemicals or heavy metals.


Interior render, plaster, plasterboard and over old synthetic (acrylic, vinyl, oil-based) paints after priming. (Murobond Primer is advised). Natural Flat has about the same finish as flat acrylic paint.


The finish for pale colours is a consistent flat finish, however some shading may appear in mediumstrong colours. Natural Flat has approximately the same finish as flat acrylic paint.


Fresh milk, casein, egg white, vinegar, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, talc, marble powder, borax, linseed oil, methylcellulose, glycerine, sodium silicate, alum, essential oils (thyme, pine-tree, mint).