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Colour Focus

We are frequently asked about how to go about choosing the right paint colour.  Here are 5 tips  from the paint experts at Murobond to get you started.

  1. Inspiration is individual
    Many people find colour choice difficult, so here are some starters. Gather colour cues from your surroundings; everything visual and tactile has the potential to inspire your colour choices. Create your own “inspiration box” or mood board to establish colours you love. Any space worth decorating, whether its home or a commercial space, should be treated in an individual way. It should reflect your own history, ideals and lifestyle, your real-life story.
  2. Don’t follow trends
    Colour affects everyone in a different way so don’t be too influenced by interior design fashions – it’s about you and your surroundings. The worst mistake you can make is going with a colour that does not resonate with you just because it’s on trend.
  3. It’s not all white
    At Murobond, we generally don’t recommend using a straight white, it is just too harsh to live with. Our most popular white is Just White, an off-white with a touch of raw umber so it doesn’t read yellow, pink or blue. The best approach is to choose a base neutral palette, with either warm (yellow) based colours or cool (greyed off) hues and continue this theme throughout.

    4. Subtle impact
    If adding colour to a room you don’t need to go overboard to create impact. Often, it’s the subtlety of a colour that makes a statement. Use different tones of the same colour to create a layered, interesting palette. When using stronger colours, greyed off tones work well as they are easier on the eye.
    For your ceilings a useful rule of thumb is to paint 25 % to 50% of the wall colour. This achieves a subtle change between wall and ceiling.

  4. Break the rules
    Intense colour can define a space. Don’t always follow the design rule that small spaces should be painted in a light colour – quite the opposite. Be adventurous and creative . Remember , it’s only a coat of paint if you change your mind.