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A question we are frequently asked is “What is your best selling white ?”

Whilst we do have a favourite, we find that each project has its own requirements, so to name just one would be short-sighted.   All whites are definitely not equal.

The following list contains our most popular 10 whites. Each has a brief description of its attribute, We hope this assists in finding your favourite white.

  1. Gallery White – our coolest white, with a touch of black. Ideal for a contemporary space or where the brightest white is needed.
  2. Staysail – our signature white and yes our favourite. With a hint of Raw Umber, Staysail proves the be the perfect white in most spaces. Offering warmth without an ochre base.
  3. Raw Earth 25% – a cool greyed off white, works beautifully with a crisp white trim such as Whalebone.
  4. Glassine – warmer than Staysail, combining Raw Umber with a touch of ochre. When a warmer white is needed.
  5. Badger – a very easy to live with off white, often described as a natural linen look.
  6. Onionskin – a milky off white with subtle warmth
  7. Willow – soft, greenish off white. Works well as both a trim or broadwall colour depending on which % you choose
  8. Nomad – a warm, rich off white with soft brown undertonings
  9. Eggshell – just off white with the warmth created by a touch of red pigment
  10. Tumbled Ivory – a warm white with a touch of ochre. Works well alongside other earthy hues.

Always be sure to test your colour before you commit, as colours look different in different environments.