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A soft translucent wash reminiscent of Scandinavian limed timber. Woodwash provides a matt finish in a select range of colours.  This water-based formulation is low odour, non-yellowing and low VOC.

Larger-sized pots are available to purchase,  please contact your local stockist.

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A soft translucent woodwash reminiscent of Scandinavian limed timber.

This water based formulation is very low VOC, non-yellowing and low odour.

For heavy traffic areas and commercial applications WOODWASH can be sealed with Murothane enabling you to create this look on furniture, benchtops and floors.

IMPORTANT: For timbers containing tannin, we advise testing an area before proceeding to application as bleeding of tannin may cause visible staining.


Timber surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contaminants. As WOODWASH is translucent, marks on the surface will be visible to some extent through the finish. Finger marks, grease, oil, paint or cleaner residues or contaminants must be removed by washing and/or sanding prior to application. Generally a light sanding is sufficient for new surfaces.


WOODWASH should always be applied by brush in the direction of the woodgrain, maintaining a wet edge. Typically boards would be finished in groups of two or three from end to end without splashing onto adjacent boards and panels would be completed one at a time to help in maintaining the wet edge.

Between coats, allow at least 6 hours then sand lightly with fine sandpaper before applying
subsequent coats.

Typically two coats are applied, however this can be adjusted to create the desired level of opacity. If Murothane is being applied, lightly sand the final coat of WOODWASH and ensure the surface is fully dry (typically 24 hours) before applying 1 or 2 coats depending on expected wear and desired appearance. Note: Murothane will show some yellowing although less than a typical enamel paint.


Approximately 10 – 20 m2 per litre depending on texture and porosity


1, 4, 10 and 15 Litre


Clean-up in water

Paint Application

Wet dry jointing will show, so care must be taken to maintain a wet edge.

Test for finish and potential tannin staining before proceeding.

Colour and Tinting

It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure colour consistency. We recommend ordering sufficient material to complete the project to eliminate the risk of colour variation.


Woodwash should not be applied where surface or air temperature is below 10°C or above 35°C

Initial Protection

Protect the surface from mechanical damage for seven days after application, particularly in colder temperatures and trafficable surfaces.