Mineral Silicate Matt Clear


High-performance Mineral Silicate coating for masonry, lime and cement renders and concrete surfaces.

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Features + Benefits

Location = Exterior/Interior
A Highly Durable Matt Water-based Translucent Mineral Silicate Finish.

High performance Mineral Silicate coating for masonry, lime and cement renders and  concrete surfaces.

  • Chemically combines with the substrate.
  • Will not blister or peel.
  • Highly water vapour permeable.
  • Ease of application.
  • Non-film forming.
  • Matt mineral clear finish.
  • Highly UV, acid rain and weather resistant
  • Solvent free.
  • Water clean up.


Mineral Silicate Matt Clear is a single component water based mineral silicate coating that may be applied to strengthen masonry with minimal change to its appearance.

With minimal chalking, excellent chemical and UV resistance, and resistance to weathering, Murobond’s Mineral Silicate Matt Clear is suitable for porous exterior structures in masonry, lime and cement renders and concrete surfaces.


Excellent long term weather resistance with high UV resistance Mineral Silicate Matt Clear expands and contracts at the same rate as the substrate.  It will not bubble or peel as it is chemically reacted with the substrate.

Product is not flammable.

Solvent Resistance 
Some sensitivity to alcohols, petrol, diesel, oils, and hydrocarbons.

Salts, Acids, Alkalis
Excellent resistance to acidity and alkalinity. Good resistance to salts.

Mineral Silicate Matt Clear is resistant to prolonged rain and condensation.

Good resistance to abrasion.

Pack Sizes
Available in 1, 4, 10, 15 Litre

Summary of Typical Applications & Properties

Product Type – Potassium silicate paint single part
Appearance – Mineral matt translucent.
Colour Range – N/A
Components – 1
Volume solids – 15%
VOC – < 1gram per litre
Flash Point – None
Thinning – Water (Not recommended)
Application conditions Air temperature – Min 10°C Max 35°C
Application conditions Surface temperature – Min 10°C Max 35°C
Humidity – 85%RH
Wet Film Thickness per coat (microns, porous – non porous) – 83 – 48
Dry Film Thickness per coat (microns, porous – non porous) – 12 – 7
Suitable surfaces -Porous masonry, concrete and render.
Primers – Not generally used.
Application Method – Brush or spray (mask surrounding surfaces)
Typical spreading rate – 7 – 12 m2 per litre (porous – non porous)

Temperature Humidity Touch Dry Recoat (MIN)
15°C 50% 2 Hours 24 Hours
20°C 50% 70 Minutes 18 Hours
25°C 50% 45 Minutes 12 Hours
Full Cure 30 Days


Typical Surface Systems

Surface First Coat Second Coat
Cement Render Mineral Silicate Matt Clear Mineral Silicate Matt Clear
Concrete Mineral Silicate Matt Clear Mineral Silicate Matt Clear


Surface Preparation

Surface must be free of oils, grease, loose particles, dirt, mould, moss or other foreign matter. Murobond advises application by a recommended contractor.


Stir product thoroughly before application. Porous surfaces: thinning should be minimized = 5% or less clean water.

Non-porous surfaces: thinning should be avoided.

Second or subsequent coats: thinning should be avoided.


Apply even full thick coats working quickly to maintain a wet edge across each surface.


Airless spray is recommended with care to fully mask surrounding surfaces against overspray. Allow overnight drying between coats.




Mineral Silicate Matt Clear will react and chemically combine with mineral surfaces including glass. Mask these surfaces thoroughly and clean up spills, spatter, and overspray immediately.

Storage & Handling

No special requirements. This product is not hazardous. Avoid storing in hot conditions (above 30°C) for extended periods

E & OE All advice given in this document is given in good faith, and is considered to be accurate and reliable. As the circumstances of storage, handling and application of this product are outside the control of Murobond Coatings Pty Ltd, our warranty and undertakings do not extend to these.