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You can see the world in any number of ways. I see it through colour. Imagine viewing the world through a kaleidoscope, bringing together combinations of colours in every imaginable shape and pattern and refraction, bursting with life and energy. Twist the dial and you instantly have a beautiful new combination, again and again and again

This is the joy and energy that paint colour can bring to your space, which is why I immediately answer “not all white” whenever I’m asked what colour to paint a space

Over 15 years I’ve worked with Murobond’s colourist to create 12 distinct collections, each with a 10 colour palette, (yes you counted right, Palimpsest has 16)  Each palette is a complete story with its own unique inspiration. You can treat each one as your own personal kaleidoscope, or make your own palette by mixing them all—simply twist the dial…

Palimpsest Collection

My 10-colour palette magically grew to 16 subtle but irrepressible colours in this collection, souvenirs of a landscape of pink angophoras, Sydney peppermint, scribbly bark, acacia, flannel flowers, and other flora that thrive on the ochre rainbow hidden in Sydney’s sandstone bedrock. This palette is layered with colours that represent object remnants from the 1800s in the form of hand-printed wallpapers, faded tessellated tiles, marbled book ends, passementeries and drab ware.
All orders are placed with our collaboration partner, Murobond. Browse the full range through the link below

Foundation Collection

Definition 1. The basis or groundwork of anything: the moral foundation of both society and religion. 2. The natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests. 3. The lowest division of a building wall, or like usually, of masonry and partly or wholly below the structure of the ground.

Foundation is as the title suggests, a solid neutral colour base for any interior. If you’re a gardener, consider it the fertile soil, sunshine and rain. If you’re a cook, think of it as the flour, eggs and sugar. With the right foundations, anything is possible; pirate black, cracked leather, paper-bag, burlap, gypsy gold, felt, sailcloth, scrimshaw, chalk, glassine. Although I created Foundation to work as a base neutral 10-colour palette, complementing any colour choices, it has also become a complete option in its own right, splash any colour or hue onto your walls with no second guessing – it always works!

Indigo Blues Collection

Definition 1. A blue dye obtained from various plants, esp, of the genus Indigofera, or manufactured synthetically. 2. A colour ranging from a deep violet blue to a dark, greyish blue. 3. The pure colour of a clear sky
Call it serepndipity or simple coincidence, but it seems just about every colour to which I’m drawn has a textile alter-ego. Indigo textiles have origins rooted in the ancient times of many Asian countries, in particular, Japan. As Indigo dyes from the flower of several types of plant were one of the easiest to source and most inexpensive natural colourings available. My favourite of these are Boro, the repeatedly mended rugs worn or used for bedding by rural peasants in Japan. Often heavily stitched and patched, the shades of blue give them a depth and a history that is irrestible. It was an obvious palette for me to create, which works in a variety of spaces- inside & out .

Travellers & Magicians Collection

Definition: a person who travels or has travelled in distant places or foreign lands: an entertainer who is skilled in producing illusion by slight of hand, deceptive devices, i.e. a person who is skilled in magic : sorcerer

Travellers & Magicians speaks volumes of my musings and imaginings when planning a photo shoot or decorating a space. One day I’m transported back to a famous and revolutionary dance company in Paris, the nextI’m flying through the skies on the wings of native birds, or drawing on my own real life, globetrotting adventures. Eventually my world of make – believe becomes a reality and a new colour palette and styling theme emerges. I travelled to Uzbekistan & beyond with my mum & walked part of the well-trodden path of the ancient silk route. It was easy to imagine the kaleidoscopic sight travellers would have made arriving into a caravanserai set against the desert oasis backdrop of dusty roads and the characters you would have met: merchants, fortune tellers & seers, puppeteers, camel drivers, falconers, tinsmiths, pilgrims & storytellers

Paper Whites Collection

Definition 1. A substance made from wood pulp, rags, straw, or other fibrous material, usually in thin sheets used to bear writing or printing, for wrapping things, etc. Of the colour of pure snow, of the margins of this page, etc. 2. Reflecting nearly all the rays of sunlight or similar
I first heard of the word ‘paperwhites’ from a photography friend, Andre Gentl, to explain all the variations in white. It caught my imagination and, while I’d been a long-time admirer of paper, I started looking more closely at all of its tones and finishes, from reams of standard snow white copy paper to gorgeous crepe, onionskin, glassine, vellum, tissue and tracing varieties. I then started to consider the hallmarks of age on paper, especially the muted, stained and faded tones of ephemera I’d collected over the years: postcard, love letters, certificates, shelf liners, dollies, patty pans, the backs of botanical plates, flashcard, wrapped sugar cubes & matchbooks

Tales of a Sea Gypsy Collection

I am fascinated with all things sea : sirens & mermen, underwater worlds & treasures, myths & legends, serpents & seafaring spirits. The inspiration behind this palette is no exception to these fascinations of mine, as the story behind it encapsulates all fo these things. Tales of a Sea Gypsy is a storytelling palette in all senses, it is inspired by a Lithuanian love story: Jurate’s Castle

Jurate’s Castle tells the tale of a goddess mermaid, Jurate, who lived under the Baltic Sea in a picturesque amber castle. Jurate was the ruler of all of the sea and its sea life. One day a young fisherman named Kastytis disturbed the peace of Jurate by catching all of the fish in the sea, thus Jurate decided to punish him and restore peace. However, in doing so she fell in forbidden love with this young fisherman. Shortly after, Jurate & Kastytis resided together in Jurate’s amber castle under the sea. Soon after the two united Perkunas, the thunder god, was astonished that the goddess had fallen in love with a mortal fisherman & struck the amber castle, causing it to explode into millions of pieces and killing Kastytis. According to legend, Jurate was then chained either to the ruins or a rock on the seafloor by Perkunas & that is why pieces of amber come ashore after a storm on the Baltic sea. Others argue that the amber pieces washed ashore are Jurate’s tear drops: either way, this love story’s beauty and magnificence still makes its way onto the shore of the Baltic sea front.

Tradewinds Collection

Definition: Also called trades; any of the nearly constant easterly winds that dominate most of the tropics and subtropics throughout the world, blowing mainly from the northeast in the Northern Hemisphere, and form the southwest in the Southern hemisphere. 2. Any wind that blows in one regular course, or continually in the same direction.

Tradewinds reflects my fascination with all things maritime, from the ocean going explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries, to the pirates, cartology and mythological sea creatures of storybooks. It’s also littered with references to entomology and two of my heroes, Charles Darwin & William Dampier. It is inspired by fact and enhanced by fiction and has a palette that, depending on how you use it, can either be calm or wild, just like the sea. And me

Merchants & Traders Collection

Merchants & Traders came about whilst I was travelling in Syria: the colours of the desert are reflected in these oasis towns, all muted neutrals, beaten metal vessels, basalt striped walls of the caravanserai, canvas stretched over roads the width of carts, shiny, strong coffee beans found in the Spice Souk & the soft silvery green of olive leaves & pistachios here you find honest & humble materials; wood, leather, slate, iron, steel, rope, dirt, paper, stone, cement, hand blown glass, mud bricks, haystacks, felt, canvas and burlap. The names of each colour are in honour to these ancient crafts & the master of craftsmen that tinker, smith, turn & spin these materials into the beautiful tools & objects that we use daily

NBYNW Collection

My love of stories of sailors & prates lead to the NbyNW palette – I delved into the world of seafarers from a ships paraphernalia, weather predictions, famous travel tales, handy knots and the maps, charts & signals one needs when on the high sea for years! In Etcetera I list the ‘Skills that Sailors had other than Sailing’; sewing, tattooing, birdwatching, whittling, scrimshawing, training pets like monkeys, parrots, crickets, dogs, musical instruments, making games of quoits & balls, dancing jigs and singing sea shanties, reading (most ships had a library), basket weaving, palm and leather braiding, collecting specimens, botanical drawing, cooking, shooting & skinning specimens, herbal remedies, rope&net making, bone carving of buttons, needles & gambling chips

Tender is the Night Collection

Inspired by the vibrant and punchy hues that the culture of Mexico naturally forms, where daily lives spill onto the sunny streets; pots of geraniums & marigolds, street stands selling fresh watermelon, tacos & guacamole, grilled corn & salsa verde. Everywhere you look you see brightly coloured walls & sign-writing, even the VW & fifties cars of reds and greens and oranges seamlessly create this palette. After sorting through my numerous photos from Mexico, this fruitful & cultural palette seamlessly came together. The title of this palette is borrowed from F.Scott.Fitzgerald’s book of the same name. These high summer hues are reminiscent of Fitzgeralds imagined garden tendered by the divers in the south of France, abundant with vegetables flowers & sunshine

Atelier Collection

Atelier was inspired by Julien Tanguy (better known as Piere Tanguy) who championed oan art supplues shop in St Germain on the left bank of Paris in the late 1800’s. He sold Pigments, oils, canvas & other essentials; often to struggling artists in exchange for their paintings. Tanguy’s shop quickly became a sanctuary for young, impressionist artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin and Renoir. Tanguy was one of the early curators to expose Paris to Chinoiseries with his collection of Japanese prints known as Ukiyo-e on show at his own gallery. Ukiyo-e then became a major source of inspiration for these artists and artists globally during the 20th century.

Atelier draws its inspiration from Paris, from the heightened era; the artists, the cafe society, the vibrant salons, and lots of smoking and the drinking of absinthe; fun & frivolity. The colours reflect the hand mixed paints with exotic pigments. Linseed oils, the fashion and the trends of Chinoiserie. Each name in this range reveals the history of this time.

Objet Trouve Collection

Definition: an ordinary object, found; a strand of sequins, a beaded flower, threads & buttons, etc, that is threaded as an object of art by who finds it. Objet Trouvé was inspired by Transylvania; a region in Romania, a country of its own at another time in history, and an example of the fluid maps and ever changing borders of the world. My romantic vision of Transy/vania is filled with gypsies in colourfully painted caravans, layered skirts, horse whispering and music. I visited at the beginning of spring, when it was as if the whole world was about to bloom. The davs were warm and cloudless, crisp in the morning and fresh. The landscape was a vision of soft, muted colours. I can only imagine how different my colour palette would have been if I had come just two weeks later. Wooden limed houses with terracolta roofs are washed in a varietv of pastels: azure blue, yellow Monday: sienna. langerine, magenta. pinks, salmon.soft mustard dirty green, min, blue, grey, maroon and ilae: This solbere spoke throughout our travels and influenced this colourful & fresh palette. In Transylvania, the Objet Trouse palelle unknowingly surrounded me wherever I cast my eyes.